Blink182’s Dude Ranch

Episode 23

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Mark and Thom are were really excited to jump into the world of pop punk and cover Blink182’s 1996 release, Dude Ranch.

Welcome back to another episode of Once Every Two Weeks, your favorite bi-weekly podcast where Thom and Mark go back to relive their high school years through music, discussing the albums that have shaped their lives.

Today, Mark and Thom are looking into one of the most iconic pop-punk bands ever – “Dude Ranch” by Blink-182.

Join your co-hosts as thye delve into the band’s journey, from their formation and early influences, the breakthrough into the music industry, and their unique blend of humor and heartache that has kept them relevant for over two decades. They’ll explore Blink182’s deep connection with fans, their provocative song titles and lyrical content, and how their authentic and unapologetic approach to music has solidified their place in the pantheon of pop punk legends.

Settle in with Mark and Thom who not only explore the music of Blink 182, but also the story and meaning behind the songs and the band’s journey. Looking at Tom DeLonge’s transition from aspiring firefighter to celebrated guitarist, to the band’s bold thematic explorations and sophisticated musical arrangements, Thom and Mark look at how Blink 182 has pushed boundaries, matured as artists, and left an indelible impact on the music industry.

So tune in, get ready to rock, and let’s journey through Blink-182 and their album, Dude Ranch!

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thom crowe

Thom's a digital marketer by day and armchair theologian, podcaster, writer, amateur home chef, and beer aficionado by night. When not working, he's a typical family man with a propensity to create.

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Episode 23