Episode 13

The Cure’s Bloodflowers

Join Mark and Thom for a full hour of The Cure as we dive into Bloodflowers. Hear Thom talk about his change of heart, Mark playing hooky, and our mutual love of the Cure and Bloodflowers. Welcome back to Once Every Two Weeks, the podcast where we...

Episode 8

Our Lady Peace’s Clumsy

Take a trip down memory lane with Mark and Thom as they explore the iconic 1997 alternative rock album Clumsy by Our Lady Peace. They chat about the memorable tracks, the band’s journey to create this album, and the evolution of their sound in...

Episode 6

Live’s Secret Samadhi

In this episode, Mark and Thom dive into Live’s 1997 album, Secret Samadhi. They discuss Live’s connection to Nirvana, their often overlooked debut album Mental Jewelry, their success with Throwing Copper, the changing music culture of...