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Episode 12

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In this episode, Mark and Thom kick off their brand-new series, “One Hit Wonders Round Up!” With a nostalgic trip down memory lane, they revisit some of the unavoidable music from the 90s. These are the unforgettable songs from bands that lit up the charts with one, maybe two, smash hits during their high school days. Tune in as they discuss the iconic sounds of Primitive Radio Gods, The Wallflowers, Jan Arden, New Radicals, and Dogstar. It’s a musical throwback you won’t want to miss!

Mark and Thom take a musical detour, diving into the fascinating world of one(ish) hit wonders. They explore bands that struck gold perhaps more by luck than design, the intriguing sway of celebrity lineage, the irony of singer-songwriters scaling charts with others’ compositions, fleeting moments of stardom, and a chance encounter in a grocery store, fueled by a shared love of hockey, that birthed a band. Join the duo as they jam out and discuss the memorable hits of Primitive Radio Gods, The Wallflowers, Jan Arden, New Radicals, and Dogstar. It’s a rhythmic adventure you’ll relish!

Show note

00:01:31 – Catching up, discussing the new Futurama. Mark speaks about newly-discovered music from Burro Buracho Records, introduces Charles Ellsworth, and teases an upcoming musician feature.
00:04:08 – Introduction to the premiere of the “Once Every Two Weeks One-Hit Wonder Wrap-Up.”
00:04:47 – Introduction to Primitive Radio Gods.
00:06:26 – The Hail Mary that landed Primitive Radio Gods a record contract with Fiction Records/Columbia.
00:07:48 – Ben Stiller’s efforts to persuade Chris O’Connor to use “Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in my Hand” in the movie “Cable Guy.”
00:13:22 – O’Connor references a poignant Hunter S. Thompson quote in response to a query about his perspective on the music industry, while Mark reflects on his own challenges with success.
00:15:16 – Delving into the origins of the song title “Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in my Hand.”
00:15:45 – Analyzing “Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in my Hand.”
00:19:38 – Beginning of The Wallflowers with Jacob Dylan.
00:21:47 – The Wallflowers’ debut album and their emergence as a renowned touring band.
00:22:30 – Transition to Interscope Records, collaboration with T-Bone Burnett, and the release of “Bringing Down the Horse.”
00:23:55 – Release of “6th Avenue Heartache” and the influences of David Fincher, Adam Duritz, and their appearance on Saturday Night Live.
00:24:12 – Celebrating the tremendous success of “One Headlight.”
00:28:18 – A look at Jan Arden’s “Living Under June” and its single “Insensitive.” Mark reflects on memories associated with the album.
00:30:00 – A closer look at “Insensitive,” its origins with songwriter Ann Lore, and its inclusion in Christian Slater’s “Bed of Roses.”
00:33:40 – Mark offers a candid review of “Living Under June.”
00:37:12 – Mark and Thom take a moment to share a compilation of songs that resonated with their teenage emo hearts.
00:39:10 – Introducing New Radicals’ “You Get What You Give.”
00:39:20 – Thom critiques the song, discusses Gregg Alexander’s background and the formation of New Radicals.
00:43:00 – Spotlighting the touring musicians of New Radicals and delving into the band’s intricate history.
00:44:10 – Recounting New Radicals’ touring history and early successes.
00:45:11 – Discussing celebrities’ reactions to being mentioned in this song.
00:46:26 – Thom shares his views on the album and the song’s place in pop culture.
00:47:44 – Mark introduces Small Fecal Matter, which later evolved into Dogstar.
00:49:21 – A chance meeting in a grocery store, discussions about hockey, and the fortuitous formation of Dogstar by Mailhouse and Keanu Reeves.
00:50:00 – Exploring the origins of Dogstar’s name, their inaugural concert which paved the way for Weezer, and their tours with renowned artists like David Bowie and Bon Jovi.
00:52:22 – Introducing Dogstar’s “Happy Endings” American debut with the single “Corner Store.”
00:53:04 – Mark discusses the connection between Weezer, River Fenix/Fenix TX, and Dogstar.
00:55:17 – Mark provides insights on Dogstar’s musical contributions during the ’90s, the impact of the “Keanu Factor,” and speculations about a Dogstar reunion.
01:02:38 – Wrapping Up

Hosted by
Mark & Thom

Mark is the creative director and co-founder of Burro Borracho Records. After high school he spent a few years working as a manager with Wherehouse Music. He occasionally plays drums and has been in such non-productive go nowhere band start ups that no one has ever heard of like The Unsex, Avenue C, The Reaganauts, and Next Time I See Murphy (which also saw him play some guitar and take on vocal duties). He was the original drummer for Quiet Morning & the Calamity but left the band to pursue a degree in Motion Graphic Design.
During his college years, as photo editor of his school newspaper, his review of Radiohead's Kid A won first prize for Critical Review in a California statewide collegiate journalism contest. After graduating with his degree he filled in back on drums for QM&TC's first national tour in support of their debut EP Son of the Sad Soul, which features the song Gambling On Old Tires which Mark co-wrote.
Thanks to the influence of his mother who spent all her years playing guitar and singing folk songs, as well as three older brothers with drastically differing musical tastes, Mark has always known the important role music can and should play and has been a music fan all his life but he's only been a stubborn overly opinionated asshole about the superiority of his on musical tastes since his early teenage years. At the last count he had about 1,200 compact discs. Yes, he still collects cds.

Thom's a digital marketer by day and armchair theologian, podcaster, writer, amateur home chef, and beer aficionado by night. When not working, he's a typical family man with a propensity to create.

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